Our Product Range

Pilbara Sheds are able to customise your shed to suit any area or situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you local to the Pilbara area?

Yes we are! Pilbara Sheds is based in Karratha and services the entire Pilbara community.

Do you build sheds to Category D Rating?

Yes, we understand the importance in providing our customers within the PIlbara region Category D Rated sheds. All of our customised designs are rated according to the Australian Standards for cyclone rated areas.

We require a fairly unique shed, can you build exactly what I want?

We always aim to build the perfect shed for the perfect situation. All of our sheds are customised by inhouse architects and engineers to make sure they not only meet your requirements but are also structurally safe and sound.

Do I have to lodge the plans with my local shire?

Like any new building, all plans needs to be lodged with your local shire. You are able to do this yourself or we are happy to provide this service for you.

Can I build my shed on the fence line?

Every circumstance, including every local shire, is different. Being able to build your shed on the fence line depends on safety factors, the surrounding areas of the fence line and the rules of your local shire. We are able to advise you what is possible when planning for your shed.

Can I do parts of the build myself such as the concrete?

Yes, of course! If you are looking to lower costs, or you are a tradesperson yourself we are more than happy to supply kit only, complete a partial build or complete the full build. We are completely flexible when it comes to assisting you with your new shed.

How high can I build my shed?

Most Local Councils have a restriction of 2.4m eave heights to meet the R Codes. However, you can apply for an R Code Variation and build higher where it is suitable. In the past we have had approval to build sheds up to 4.2m high within residential areas.

Our Product Range

Pilbara Sheds are able to customise your shed to suit any area or situation.