Mining Sheds have more than just one purpose

Apr 23, 2023

Does your business fall within the mining sector? When it comes to commercial sized sheds, there isn’t much bigger than a mining shed. These large, durable structures are designed to provide a safe and secure storage space for equipment, tools, and other materials that are essential for mining operations. A mining shed play an important role in the physical infrastructure of a mine site, and other secluded areas associated with the mining industry. 


Storage of mining equipment and supplies

Now we aren’t just talking about the big stuff, we are talking about the little bits and pieces too! Mining operations require a variety of heavy equipment, from drills and excavators to trucks and loaders. Commercial size sheds provide a secure and protected space to store these valuable assets, protecting them from damage, theft, and the elements. Our mining sheds give you ample space to store other supplies such as spare parts, tools and materials for maintenance and repairs. When planning a mining shed, the key is to make sure you keep it organised and set up with ample space. We have a range of options and accessories that can be tailored to suit the storage needs of your next mining shed. 


A space for staff and personnel to be comfortable

Mining operations often require personnel to work in remote, rugged locations. Commercial size sheds can serve as a temporary shelter for workers, providing a safe and comfortable place to rest, eat, and recoup. Commercial size sheds can be equipped with amenities such as heating and air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, and more, making them a convenient and practical solution for remote mining sites.


A mining shed can minimise environmental impact

Mining operations can have a significant impact on the environment, and it’s important for businesses to take steps to minimise that impact. Dedicated mining sheds can help with this by providing a contained area to store hazardous materials and waste, preventing contamination of the surrounding environment. Your shed can be designed to minimise the impact on the surrounding ecosystem, with features such as solar panels, and other environmentally-friendly technologies. As Pilbara locals, we see it to be our duty to project this beautiful part of Australia that we live in, and ensure we approach every job no matter how big or small with environmental sustainability front of mind.


Completely customise your mining shed for specific needs

Every mining operation is unique, with its own specific equipment, personnel, and logistical requirements. As a Fair Dinkum distributor, we are able to fully customise your shed to meet the specific needs of each operation, with features such as specialised lighting, ventilation, and security systems. Additionally, commercial size sheds can be designed to be easily transportable, making them a flexible and adaptable solution for mining companies that need to move between sites.


More Information

Here at Pilbara Sheds, we know that sheds play a vital role in the mining industry, providing a safe and secure, storage and shelter solution for equipment, supplies, and personnel. To learn more about the services we offer or the shed products we can provide your business, give us a call on 9185 1089 or submit an online contact form and someone from our team will be in touch!


Our Product Range

Are you a local school or sporting organisation in need of high quality and cost-effective sheds? Well, Pilbara Sheds are here to help! With years of experience working with the local Pilbara community, we have built a name for ourselves providing storage space that suits every budget in an educational or sporting environment. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions when it comes to our school and sporting sheds to show you that Pilbara Shed are the best to work with when it comes to installing your next shed.


What kind of schools and sporting organisations do you work with?

Our experience within the local community extends from junior sporting clubs and primary schools, to larger groups and local high schools. We have worked with a number of local organisations in the area to build their perfect shed!


Do you understand the unique requirements of schools and organisations?

Of course! We are able to provide your organisation with hands on, insider knowledge of products that are suitable and best used with an educational and sporting environment. We know that school and sporting storage differs depending on its intended purpose, and we can customise your shed to suit its intended purpose


We have a strict budget, can you work to that?

We sure can! Both public and private schools have budgets they need to adhere too, and we completely understand that you will have a limit on what you’re able to spend. We will work with you to design a shed that isn’t only high quality, but also cost-effective within the set budget you have available. 


Are your sheds built for the Pilbara environment?

As Pilbara locals, we know the importance of building a school or sport shed that is able to withstand the Pilbara elements. Safety and durability is at the forefront of our shed builds, so when you purchase one of our sheds, you can be rest assured that it’s built for what ever the Pilbara can throw at it. 


Can we include storage solutions in our design?

Unlike a residential or commercial shed, school and sport sheds usually need to be designed to cater for a large amount of small equipment. Soccer balls, tennis racquets, goal posts or desks and chairs, we can assist you in creating an internal fit out to best suit your needs. Our distributorship Fair Dinkum Sheds can assist us to provide customised buildings to suit every situation.


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To learn more about the School and Sport Sheds that Pilbara shed are able to build for your business, please give us a call on 9185 1089 or submit an online contact query and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.