Options & Accessories

Glass Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doors can provide a fantastic alternative to standard personal access doors. These are ideal for sheds with a recreation purpose in mind. As with most optional extras a glass sliding door can be positioned at your discretion.

Mezzanine Floors

A Mezzanine Floor can be added to almost all shed designs. They instantly add an extra dimension and can make a great storage solution for space that is generally under used head room. If you are building a taller shed, a Mezzanine Floor can be turned into an additional story to better utilise the space available.

Partition Walls

Partition walls are a great way to segment a section of a building. Roller doors, personal access doors and windows can be added to these walls to give build a useful and spacious room.

Personal Access Doors and Windows

Personal Access Doors make side or rear entry into a shed possible without the added expense of and need to open large roller or sliding doors. Windows add significantly to the comfort of working within a Pilbara Sheds shed, by providing light and extra ventilation. Both of these extras are easy to install and can basically be placed anywhere within a shed as it is being built.

Security Screens

A shed is often used to store valuable tools, vehicles and machinery. This means that the security of our sheds is something we must unfortunately always been concerned about. We offer a range of security screens to help deter vandalism and theft.


The weather within the Pilbara is often unpredictable and extreme. We face hot summers and cold nights during winter. If you plan on spending a large quantity of time in your shed during either the hot summer months or the cold winter months you may wish to consider insulation. This product not only insulates well but also looks fantastic on the inside of your shed.


We offer a range of skylights for your shed, from standard opaque fiberglass skylights to the more durable and UV blocking polycarbonate type skylights. These offer an affordable way to introduce more natural light into your building.


A shed often becomes an extension of your home. If you plan on spending a large amount of time in your shed adequate ventilation is required to maintain a good level of comfort while using your building. If you are working with chemicals or storing stock, you are often required by law to ensure your shed is properly ventilated. We offer a wide range of ventilators that can easily be fitted to your new of existing shed.

Remote Control Unit

Our remote control units are used to allow easy access to your shed from inside your vehicle. Auto reverse allows you to feel confident in the safety of your automated roller door. These systems come standard with one remote control hand piece.

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Cyclone Rating Map

Please note that skylights and glass sliding doors cannot be added to sheds in Cyclone Region D.