Stay protected from the sun with a Pilbara Sheds patio or carport

Oct 16, 2020

Being a Pilbara local you’re probably no stranger to the hot weather. Our summers experience heat waves, dry winds and regular maximum temperatures over 40 degrees. When it comes to the heat there are many things you can do to escape it – good air conditioning, lots of swimming and of course, a well insulated home. But coming into the warmer months it might be time to take your home or business to the next level to be able to protect yourself from the sun and heat.

 This month we take a look at some ways Pilbara Sheds can help you stay extra sun smart this summer and beyond.


Stay out of the sun with a patio to suit your budget

Whether you have an existing patio that is outdated or extra space on your property that you’d like to use to create an entertaining space, Pilbara Sheds can help. In Australia we have a strong emphasis on our mates…we love to have friends over for a BBQ and a couple of beer, poker nights and spend summer’s having dinner by the pool. The best way to have your friends over is by making sure you have an adequate entertaining area to keep everyone cool and protected from the heat. We have a wide range of patio options that differ in cost, size and design. All of our products are produced to the highest standards and are made to withstand the unpredictable Pilbara weather. 


Protect your vehicle no matter how big or small with a stylish carport

Like many things in the Pilbara your cars, machinery and boats are not immune to the harsh weather. A carport is a great investment to protect some of your most loved assets. When it comes to the damage the sun can do to your car Gotu suggests, “Australian sun can oxidise your car’s paint. Ultraviolet (UV) rays not only cause damage to your skin – but they also affect your car, causing your paint to fade”. The Pilbara is known for high temperatures and therefore high UV levels which makes it even more important to protect your vehicles. We design practical, inexpensive and custom built carports that can fit almost any piece of equipment. Not only will it look stylish but it will also keep your vehicles protected from environmental factors.


Pilbara Shed patios and carports are custom built to suit your space

Whether you need a carport to suit your car and boat, or a new entertaining area our team can work with you to custom build your structure to suit the space you have available on your property. We are able to choose the span, length and height of your carport to ensure any vehicle from a standard size car to oversized machinery or a boat will fit well. Our extensive knowledge of our industry and the local environment means we are able to coordinate with you the perfect structure to suit your needs.


More information

If you’re after more information or would like to have a chat about looking into options for your new patio or carport then give us a call on 9185 1089 or by submitting an enquiry on our Online Contact Form.

Our Product Range

Are you a local school or sporting organisation in need of high quality and cost-effective sheds? Well, Pilbara Sheds are here to help! With years of experience working with the local Pilbara community, we have built a name for ourselves providing storage space that suits every budget in an educational or sporting environment. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions when it comes to our school and sporting sheds to show you that Pilbara Shed are the best to work with when it comes to installing your next shed.


What kind of schools and sporting organisations do you work with?

Our experience within the local community extends from junior sporting clubs and primary schools, to larger groups and local high schools. We have worked with a number of local organisations in the area to build their perfect shed!


Do you understand the unique requirements of schools and organisations?

Of course! We are able to provide your organisation with hands on, insider knowledge of products that are suitable and best used with an educational and sporting environment. We know that school and sporting storage differs depending on its intended purpose, and we can customise your shed to suit its intended purpose


We have a strict budget, can you work to that?

We sure can! Both public and private schools have budgets they need to adhere too, and we completely understand that you will have a limit on what you’re able to spend. We will work with you to design a shed that isn’t only high quality, but also cost-effective within the set budget you have available. 


Are your sheds built for the Pilbara environment?

As Pilbara locals, we know the importance of building a school or sport shed that is able to withstand the Pilbara elements. Safety and durability is at the forefront of our shed builds, so when you purchase one of our sheds, you can be rest assured that it’s built for what ever the Pilbara can throw at it. 


Can we include storage solutions in our design?

Unlike a residential or commercial shed, school and sport sheds usually need to be designed to cater for a large amount of small equipment. Soccer balls, tennis racquets, goal posts or desks and chairs, we can assist you in creating an internal fit out to best suit your needs. Our distributorship Fair Dinkum Sheds can assist us to provide customised buildings to suit every situation.


H2 - Learn More

To learn more about the School and Sport Sheds that Pilbara shed are able to build for your business, please give us a call on 9185 1089 or submit an online contact query and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Did you know that the purchase of a shed through Pilbara Sheds can easily be done online? Our quoting system has been designed to simplify buying a shed and save you as much time as possible. We offer a 24-hour turnaround from the first point of contact to create your obligation free quote. All it takes is a visit to the Pilbara Sheds website and a few details, and then you’re on your way.


Start the process to purchase your next shed

The Pilbara Shed website allows you to request a quote online with a few details about the type of product you’re after. You will be given the option to choose between getting a quote for a residential shed, carport, patio, industrial or commercial shed, and so much more.

Once you’ve decided on a product, you will then need to give us some details about the size of the product you’re after. This will include:

  • The span of the shed, which refers to the overall width of the building
  • The height and length
  • The roof pitch, which is determined by the angle from the highest to the lowest point of the sloping roof
  • Enclosure, from fully enclosed to not enclosed at all.

Of course, if you’re unsure about any of these measurements or exactly what you need, you’re welcome to give us a call, and we can guide you through how to get them. 


Personalise your shed product to suit your taste

Our quoting system supports you in personalising your shed to suit your taste and budget. You’re able to choose the wall and roof materials for your shed. If you decide to utilise Colourbond steel products, our Colour Chart is also available, including the option to have samples sent direct to your property. 


H2 - Create the perfect shed for your property

When you decide to build a shed with Pilbara Sheds, you’re able to add in any additional options and accessories that you might need. During your online quote you will be given the option to request a quote for roller doors, personal access doors, skylights, windows, mezzanine floors, roof ventilation and insulation. We will itemise these add-ons within your quote, so you can decide whether they’re within your budget before making your final purchase decision. 


H2 - Submit a quote request today

If you’re ready to submit a request and get your obligation free shed quote today, head to our Quoting System. If you have any questions about the process, or would like some additional information before submitting your request, give our friendly team a call on 9185 1089